The Third Johnny Cash Heritage Festival in Dyess


The three-day festival will begin October 17 at Boyhood Home in Dyess. The event will include regional evening music, academic symposiums, special panels, and various speakers on Friday. Saturday is reserved for music and memories. The main idea behind the event is to bring attention to the history of Johnny Cash and his childhood in Arkansas.

Boyhood Home in Dyess is a museum dedicated to the life of Johnny Cash, and the event will be held in the adjacent cotton fields. The main headliners are his daughter Rosanne Cash and Marty Stuart. Furthermore, other performers include Cash’s sister, Joanne Cash, brother Tommy, and several grandchildren, nephews, and nieces. Finally, Cory Jackson will join them as well. Jackson received a prestigious award for a Country Musician of the Year.

The tickets for the show are available on the website, and the price is between $35 and $200. The most expensive tickets include reserved seating, parking, admission to special presentations, and a private event held by the Cash family.

Panels and presentations will start on Thursday, at 1 p.m.

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