Fuel Taxes Are Going Up in Arkansas

Fuel Taxes Are Going Up

Starting today, a rise of taxes will go into effect in the state, and despite the deep red character of Arkansas’ politics, many are inclined to applaud. The bounce of wholesale diesel and gas taxes will be invested in highway improvements.

Though most of the drivers who use Arkansas’ highway system can anticipate giving more money at the gas stations, yet most of them will barely notice the additional three cents per week. However, one group of chauffeurs will experience a more significant difference in their budgets — owners of environment-friendly cars can expect to take a blow.

The Arkansas Department of Transportation spokesman, Danny Straessle, thinks that one should have a broader perspective and to perceive at it in terms of road user tolls. This bill will contribute $95,000,000 that the department formerly didn’t have.

The amount of influence this will have on you will depend on the type of your vehicle. Diesel will rise by six cents to 28.5, while gasoline will go from 21.50 cents/gallon to 24.5.

For example, Ford F-150 pick up on gas, can expect the increase between $28 and $30 next year, if you have average gas per mile consumption and traveled mileage. On the other hand, for the popular Nissan Altima, you will give just $20 more.

Drivers that own a high-mpg hybrid car will pay only $10 more, but the new annual registration fee will be $100. That confounded more than a few of the 18,777 proprietors of these vehicles when they went to the local tax offices.

Straessle said that these taxes are fair because these owners don’t face the same road fees as gasoline vehicle chauffeurs. Even with these, they pay less than they are putting wear and tear on the ways.

Before you start to despair, just think about the fact that the owner of the same size tank and mpg, like the newest Toyota Prius, will have about $960 smaller cost than a pick-up and nearly $650 than a sedan driver for the same yearly driven mileage.

So it still makes sense, economically, to buy a 2019 Prius.

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