Local Girl Gets a Job as a Fashion Model After Being Bullied Because of Her Exceptional Features

Little Rock, Arkansas — fashion modeling industry has just welcomed a new face, a girl who used to be bullied because of her unique facial features.

23-year-old Mahogany Wade, a model, comments on her situation by stating that she understood that letting go of the pain and loving herself was something she had to do to grow and see her beauty. Wade says that the reaction of the public followed, as everyone else began to perceive her for who she truly was.

Life of the girl from Arkansas was not easy. She says that, at one point, things got so bad that she was not able to concentrate on school.

She explains that she often felt hopeless, but also highlights the importance of discovering one’s own worth, self-love, and finding out one’s purpose, which she believes exists.

A short while ago, Wade signed with an international modeling agency, IMG Models. The agency has offices all over the world, including Los Angeles, New York, Milan, and Paris.

Wade explains her attitude, saying that loving yourself almost feels like having a shield of armor, regardless of people’s words and actions. She points out the significance of knowing your true self, being aware of your own looks, and appreciating all the good things about yourself you are already familiar with.

According to her, she chose the path of forgiveness and love instead of hanging on to the pain she suffered when she was bullied because of her freckles and thick reddish hair.

Looking back on everything she has been through, she claims that people sometimes act rudely towards others because they do not understand them or their different features, physical or otherwise. Wade says that she used to dislike everything that characterizes her, the very things that have celebrated her. Now she wishes to share her story with others.

According to Wade, her agent contacted her after scouting her through social media.

She says that she initially did not know how to react or what to think of it. However, she states that she realized that she was able to make a difference after hearing what her agent had to say. Wade describes the fashion world as a special industry, calling it the movement of acceptance.

Over time, Wade learned to accept every curl in her hair and every curve on her body. She now hopes she can help other young girls feel the same way.

She states that she believes she can inspire others by sharing her story and her experience.

A short while ago, Wade was presented in Ultra Beauty and Modern Salon Magazine.

She says that she feels pride and happiness for being able to contribute to the movement whose purpose is to demonstrate that people are truly beautiful in every size, shape, and color.

At the moment, Wade is collaborating with Hollister Co., a famous lifestyle and clothing brand under the ownership of Abercrombie & Fitch Co. She does not plan to stop and concludes by saying that she feels immensely grateful and humble.

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